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Pooja Hegde clashes with Prabhas in Radheshyam shooting, given by Clarity

Pooja Hegde Respond On Clashes With Prabhas In Shooting: Prabhas‌, Pooja Hegde duo starrer Radheshyam‌. The film is directed by Radhakrishna Kumar and produced by Vamsi, Pramod and Prasida.

The big budget Pan India movie is set to release on March 11. On this occasion Prabhas‌ and Pujas were busy with a series of interviews. Meanwhile, it has been reported in the past that Prabhas and Pooja Hegde had a falling out during the shooting of the film.

The two did not appear to have spoken at the recent Radheshyam promotion event in Mumbai. The bonding and chemistry between the movie hero and heroine, even though they are side by side, is missed. The news was further strengthened by the fact that they both appeared to be left-handed and left-handed on the show. It’s all fixed that the movie has an Evo quarrel between the two of them. That is why there are rumors that Prabhas and Pooja are also having trouble posing together in promotions.

Pooja responded to the news in a recent interview. On this occasion, she clarified the news of a dispute between the wardens. To this extent she is talking about Prabhas .. ‘Prabhas is a great minded person. I was taken care of without any trouble during the shooting. Every day Prabhas used to fetch food from his house. Why should I not speak to such a good man? Adanta Pukare. No one but me can not stop talking to him. ‘

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